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Size: 750 mL
Country: Italy

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With hints of violet, saffron, caramel, and an array of spices, this is a subtly bitter and beautifully balanced liqueur perfect for enjoying after a meal. This liqueur is obtained by the infusing of aromatic herbs in alcohol with the addition of water and sugar. It is a delicious aperitif when served over ice and is quite refreshing when mixed with seltzer. However, this remarkable blend of herbs and spices is traditionally enjoyed after dinner.

The Meletti Family has been producing extraordinary hand crafted cordials for generations. Silvio Meletti started the company in 1870 when he endeavored to produce an anise-flavored liqueur that would rival or surpass the best products of Italy and France. Through study and experimentation, Silvio developed innovative techniques and equipment. As with any great product, the quality of the ingredients is what sets the best above the masses. Today, Silvio Meletti's sons, Aldo and Silvio, continue to select only the finest herbs and botanicals for all of their products. In fact, to insure the highest quality they grow many of the ingredients on their own estate.

Amaro Meletti comes from an old recipe of the ancient Meletti family and it is the result of a blend of excellent aromatic herbs. It is a very good after-dinner, with ice and without ice too.

This is the perfect after dinner drink. Amaro is the quintessential “digestivo.”

Size: 750 mL