Stay Young with the Health Benefits of Red Wine

Posted on Tue Feb, 2017
Stay Young with the Health Benefits of Red Wine

Of all the most desirable things, youth is something that everyone wants to hold on to and forever! However, such is the natural law that everything must birth, mature, grow and age – but putting an element of grace in all the phases is what is instrumental in preserving youth. And as the sages and mystics of all times have always said it that to be young, it is essential to feel young and consume food and drinks that help the body to stay agile, fresh and youth – it is important to give your body the blend of correct food and drink. It is here that red wine acts as the magic elixir that allows the body to retain its youthful element for a long time and also gives the mind more consistency and body better vitality.


Thinking about how red wine helps the body to stay young and also reap on its other benefits? Here’s how:


Red wine stabilizes blood sugar: Owing to its capacity to stabilize the sugar in the blood, red wine is often prescribed to the Type 2 diabetic patients. Furthermore, the ageing process is worsened by excess sugar in the body. Even if one doesn’t have blood sugar, but consumed excess sweet products, the person will witness skin darkening, fine lines and other ageing related skin issues. With the consumption of wine in a measured amount, you will be able to curtain the sugar percentage in blood which leads to supple skin and better skin texture. That aside, the fruit content in the wine also helps in boosting the skin and overall health quality that ultimately keeps one more vibrant and youthful.



  • Keeps your weight in check: Have you noticed the slimmer one gets the younger one looks? And the opposite too is true i.e. the fatter one is, there’s chance of the person appearing older than his/her age. Red wine can help you keep your weight in the correct track, that in turn will help you boost the youthful feeling inside you and be more agile and active. Red wine curbs the bad cholesterol that leads to weight increase and ups the level of the good cholesterol that supports your weight reduction regime.


  • Boosts your heart health: A healthy heart is the seat of a healthy body! This is exactly what red wine contributes to. When your blood pressure is in check, you automatically face less anxiety and worry, which naturally has a calming impact on you. A measured consumption of red wine on a regular basis helps to correct heart ailments at the very nascent level and bring in more stability. That aside, red wine also prevents the heart from developing any kind of blocks and other clots, which is a huge saviour.


  • Balances your hormones: There’s a point in life where almost everyone has been the victim of hormonal imbalance! This usually occurs from excess tension, fear, paranoia, instability and other similar reasons. To keep the mind calm and the nerves at a balanced level, red wine is instrumental. The anti-oxidants and the flavanoids that red wine has is helpful in keeping the mind and heart centered and grounded at even unstable conditions, this brings in a balance in the mind as well as the hormones. When a person reaches a level of calmness and relaxation within, it contributes to a healthy look as well as an agile body. Naturally, the person skips the effects of ageing and welcomes more youth into his/her life.


So if you’ve been wanting to reap in the benefits of wine, let these reasons welcome you to check with your physician and know the amount conducive for you!