Red Wine Burns Fat and Lowers Blood Pressure

Posted on Fri Feb, 2017
Red Wine Burns Fat and Lowers Blood Pressure

Stressed with your new weight-loss mission and measuring the gap that exists between your present weight and desired weight? Relax on that! Sometimes, weight loss needn’t be so stressful and the result of strenuous activity and hours of gym-training. A bit of ease and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon can well be the most desired answer to your weight loss agenda. And that’s what has been creating a stir around the world amidst the fitness enthusiasts and other people as well. The good news is red wine has been declared by trusted sources as a magic elixir that helps in weight reduction, lowering  blood pressure and many other health benefits!


However, let’s address the weight reduction bit first, as this is something that a greater chunk of the wine drinkers as well as other beverage drinkers are concerned about.

Red wine and weight management

Each one of us wants to be fit and healthy today! And red wine has been acting as a catalyst for it. According to a study done by the scholars and the researchers at the Oregon State’s College of Agricultural Studies, it has been said that Americans as well as others today can happily toast to good health and weight loss with a measured amount of red wine every day. That aside, Harvard University had researched that women who consumed about two glasses or one glass of wine daily curbed their chances to be obese than the ones who didn’t. Furthermore, men and women who have lost a considerable amount of weight through yoga and gym training can depend upon red wine consumed in a good proportion to maintain their weight. This is because, red wine is effective in slowing down the growth of fat cells and it also promotes the good cholesterol, which also fights obesity.


That’s not all! There’s an added advantage as well.


Red wine supports and helps fitness enthusiasts, dancers, yoga practitioners and others involved with body shaping to maintain a good physique. One can fully give credit to the “Resveratol” in red wine – a compound which is said to bring in a world of benefits to wine drinkers. This compound helps to enhance physical performance and boost muscle strength, which helps fitness enthusiasts maintain a good body posture.


Red wine and balanced blood pressure

Increased or high blood pressure in today’s world is a result of excess tension and stress. This at times leads to a troublesome heart health. However, red wine is effective in maintaining a good cardiovascular health as well. In addition to that, it helps to reduce the chances of unwarranted strokes, clots and other kinds of heart diseases.  Red wine also comprises of the advantageous resveratol along with another compound known as the quercetin in addition to tannins that contributes to a good heart rate, which keeps the blood pressure in control. Furthermore, tannins in red wine are the polyphenols that other than providing the red colour to the wine also comprise of the proanthocyandin that is known to secure all kinds of heart disease. Resveratol also works to remove the chemicals that are accountable for blood clots that are the major cause for any kind of coronary ailments.


Also, red wine helps to lower the bad cholesterol which when high exposes the heart to more ailments. That aside, red wine has a relaxing and calming effect on the nerves and body, that further soothes the system and allows the heart to beat correct and stay healthy and contributed to longevity. So if you’ve been mulling on drinking wine, count these two as the obvious benefits and enjoy a measured amount of red wine and say yes to good health.