Merlot Red Wine – What Makes them so Popular?

Posted on Sun Apr, 2016
Merlot Red Wine – What Makes them so Popular?

Merlot Red Wines – What Makes them so Popular?

More appropriately termed as the Merlot Noir, today Merlot is soon making it to the highest ranks of the best red wine variants! Merlot is a cult in places like California, where you’ll find the Bordeaux-style wines to be more prevalent. On the other hand this variant is also popular in South Africa, Chile and New Zealand. In France, Merlot is the most common grape variety that is grown in France and also one of the most common grapes that is planted in Bordeaux. This wine can be best defined to be smooth and rich having forest fruit aromas and other hints of damsons, blackcurrants and plums. Merlot is one of the top wines amidst the premium wine lovers and has a global appeal.  

So what it is that adds to the prominence of Merlot?

It is said that Merlot is adaptable to majority of soils and is able to stand through the clayey and damp soils in a better manner than the Cabernet Sauvignon. This aside, there are other reasons as well. Merlot:

  • Is somewhat energetic high-yielding grape variant that needs a huge amount of summer pruning. This is favourable for the wine growers but not always the same for wine lovers or tasters. The higher yields generally translate to low quality. Hence it’s crucial to pick the wine grapes at the apt ripe moments else their inherent traits would be lost. The smart wine growers manage the yields to ensure good quality.

  • Buds and flowers early in the vineyards leading to a quick harvest.

  • Is an extremely fruity wine that has lesser tannins and a complete body. This is best for a single varietal wine. It furthermore has immense appealing traits for getting blended with other tannic wines. Hence the subtleness from Merlot allows in making a complex mix along with the toughness of Cabernet Sauvignon.   

  •   Responds to the barrel oak ageing excellently. As the wine stays in oak for a while it acquires hints of vanilla, coffee bean, caramel and chocolate.

  • It grows in a bottle quickly than the Cabernet Sauvignon. Hence, there isn’t any need for it to be put in a cellar in order to soften it as compared to other harsh wines. This is where the appeal of Merlot lies. This is especially for the wine lovers that love to get the wine and drink it instantly and are not ready to wait.   

Buying Merlot Red Wine Online

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The Essential Food Pairings with Merlot

Merlots that are [partially harsher with intense flavours can be paired up excellently with charred and grilled meats, for instance the 'Grilled Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic' is a great option. On the other hand Merlots that are fruity and subtle belonging from more cool regions goes well when paired up with mushroom or salmon dishes and even the spiced duck platters. The lighter Merlots can go well with scallops and prawns that are wrapped on macaroni cheese or bacon.