malbec wine buying online reviewed

Posted on Sun May, 2016
malbec wine buying online reviewed

malbec wine buying online reviewed:

Doesn’t really matter whether you keep the Shabbat every week! But just in case you do or you wish to on certain weeks and want to make it big by keeping a treat and wine, then it makes sense that you select the number 1 wine. One of the names that people count on is the Malbec wine. This one savoury and rich wine that has an exquisite taste, exotic aromas and a high tannin content that makes it popular amongst the wine lover community. It could be a family treat or you might plan to invite in a couple of close friends and the Malbec is the right company to keep the conversations going post dinner and even complement a scrumptious Italian fare whilst the dinner.  

Knowing your wine

Let’s get started with some basic know-how on Malbec.

Simply put Malbec is a grape that’s popular as it’s a variant of the Bordeaux clan! Malbec wines get made from the exquisite and premium French grape that results in a rich, exotic red beverage as per the taste. Most wine connoisseurs have described it to be a classy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The colour is a rich shade of crimson and gives out a plum like fragrance. There are sometimes when this wine is drunk stand-alone. It is most popularly called a blend of 6 grapes that are usually used to make the elite French Bordeaux wines. It has a unique dark ink colour and gets its name from a Hungarian peasant that cultivated it fast. Most of the times Malbec gets called as a savoury wine carrying taste and aroma similar to herbs. This wine can also carry cherry, black pepper and chocolate aromas and flavours as well. That aside, unlike some French wines Malbec doesn’t carry any fruity essence. 

The best Malbec Wines to buy online:

Today there are several Malbec wines that you can resort to for your evening treats and family occasions concerning your Sabbath celebrations. For instance, you can opt in for the 2010 Bodega Curato Domino Mendoza that according to the Wine Spectator earns 92 points for is taste, quality and wine richness. Having a brooding violet infusion that is dark, this wine according to the Wine Spectator has been described as “A racy red, with a floral edge to the fresh crushed black cherry and raspberry ganache fruit. Well-focused, with a long finish that pumps out undertones of spice, flowers and graphite." That aside there is also the 2011 Kaiken Malbec Reserva Argentina Red Wine that gives out a rich fragrance of violets, blackberry and plum and has a hint of smoked meat. The wine has a full body, dense texture, is smooth having perfect balance and also come with a good level of acidity. It ends a bit dry having the taste of a bit of oaky spice along with the taste of rich dark fruit. If you are having grilled meats and steaks this wine is a perfect accompaniment with it.   

Source Malbec wines buying online

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