Indian wine buy online

Posted on Sun May, 2016
Indian wine buy online

Indian wine buy online:

For a great while the term “Indian Wine” was almost absent! None could believe Indian could take to its list of credits the quality of processing and producing some of the best wine varieties. However, the scenario has shape shifted in a beautiful way today with some of the best and top notch wine from India making it to the international arena and that too at a large scale. The Indian subcontinent is earning enough accolades of keeping at par with the global benchmarks of producing the best red and white wines that bring a spark in the eyes of the wine lovers with the first sip! And that’s not all. And added bonus is the attractive Indian wine deals that you get online. So pamper the wine enthusiast in you by dabbling in some of the best Indian wines that literally sparkle.Lets discuss about Indian wine buy online

Wondering which Indian wines to opt in for or boast about at a family treat or a corporate alliance meet? Here are a few names that would impress you and leave a mark in your taste palate, encouraging you to add them to your collection.

  • The Indus Sauvignon Blanc: Indus Vineyards

White wines that do complete justice to their taste and classy appeal, is a tad bit tough to source from India - is what most would think at least a decade back. Not anymore. As the Indus Sauvignon Blanc, a classy white wine that is sourced from the Indus vineyards at Igatpuri in Maharashtra is here to create a different benchmark for Indian and its quality of white wine. This white wine has also made it to the global arena and earned much fame in USA. What makes the Blanc stand out amidst the rest is its exceptional aroma that has hints of passion fruit, cut grass and citrus fruits. You would also find a pleasant dry finish here. It is apt for high-tea meet ups or can be even enjoyed with a traditional Indian fare.

  • Grover La’ Reserve

This is yet another delightful choice that would impress the wine lover in you! The Grover La’ Reserve that comes from the Grover Zampa Vineyards based in Nashik is not the expensive red wines available in India, but let that not think it could be overlooked. This red wine has the perfect blend of spiciness and a lingering aftertaste to match up to your taste expectations. In fact its low price makes it a more affordable and desirable choice. This wine gets aged in the French oak barrels that provide it a unique oak flavour.

  • Reveilo Chardonnay Reserve

If you’ve searching for top notch white wines from the Indian wine space, this has to be one! The Reveili Chardonnay Reserve is sourced from a Nashik valley based winery located close to Maharashtra. Whilst there are several white wines in India that are made in the metal tanks, this wine gets aged in the oak barrels that churns out a delightful creamy texture. The wine maker has been able to add taste of passion fruit and peach in this exclusive white wine blend.

  • Sula Riesling: Sula Vineyards

This is one of the most cherished and hard to source Riesling variety of wines from India. This type of wine is more predominant in Germany. However, this wine is known for its delicate sweetness, low acidity and light notes as compared to the other popular white wines. This wine variety gets counted along with the much famous Sula Rasa Shiraz and is a top choice for Indian wine lovers in India and abroad.  

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Indian wine buy online