Here's What Happens When You Drink Red Wine Every Night

Posted on Tue Feb, 2017
Here's What Happens When You Drink Red Wine Every Night

Keeping in mind the fact that we stay in a world where tension and anxiety are reigning high! And whilst alcohol is often looked upon as a relaxing beverage, sometimes it does more harm than benefit owing to the fact that most people get a little misbalanced on the drinking amount and that leads to more toxicity in health than any benefit. However, red wine has a different story to narrate.  When consumed at a moderate amount red wine benefits the health and also induces a feel good factor that helps in promoting an overall wellness.

So there’s always been a question or debate, on whether you should drink wine every night? The answer lies in the amount that you’re consuming.  So the smart call one can take is heading to the clinic or check with a dietician and get a measured amount of wine that is appropriate for you and consume it accordingly. And when you do so, of the many benefits these are the best ones that we could list.


  • You sleep well: Red wine has the right balance of anti-oxidants and fruit content that allows you to relax within a very less time and gradually helps you sleep well. If you come home with a fatigued body and mind and find yourself not grounded within to call it a day, then red wine is effective in calming your otherwise troubled mind and also help you slow down your pace in a peaceful manner, inducing the much required calm and rest. All this allows you to sleep well. It has been researched upon and concluded as well, that people who drank red wine other than water, were actually benefitted and slept better.
  • Contributes to the development of good cholesterol: Cholesterol is essential for the body! However, that is the good cholesterol and not the bad one. A measured consumption of red wine helps you to maximize on the good HDL cholesterol level that allows you to curb down the bad cholesterol, which is instrumental in curbing excess body fat and also prevents the ailments that develops from cholesterol.
  • A cure to diabetes type 2: In the recent times, doctors, nutritionists and other naturopaths have come to a collective conclusion that, red wine is beneficial for people who have Type 2 diabetes. The compound resveratol in red wine helps to control the blood sugar level and hence help in curing diabetes or pacify the side effects. In most cases, red wine is effective in stabilizing the blood sugar level which too is a great help.
  • Reduces the chances of cardiovascular ailments: The fruit content and the presence of anti-oxidants in red wine isn’t just about contributing to its great taste, but it also helps the drinkers to develop a great heart health. Resveratol present red wine plays a crucial role in ensuring that the heart functions well and that there aren’t any heart blocks, coronary ailments and heart strokes. In fact, doctors suggest patients with minute high pressure to consume red wine and keep their health at a good balance.


  • Gives you a good liver: Liver health is essential to great living! Owing to excess junk food as well and lack of a healthy lifestyle can often have adverse effects on the liver. So if you want to take care well ahead of time and prevent any kind of liver ailments, then you can make the most of red wine in measured amounts and give a boost to your liver health.


There are some of the main benefits of consuming red wine as per expert guidance and enjoying a great health.