Health Benefits of Red Wine vs. Grape Juice

Posted on Fri Feb, 2017
Health Benefits of Red Wine vs. Grape Juice

Grapes are the source for wine! This is what has been the crux of the famous debate that is on at the wine lover’s community and also amidst other beverage drinkers – that whether it’s better to drink grape juice than red wine, or vice versa? 


Now there’s no denying that red wine has been accredited with a list of health, mind and skin benefits by various researchers and institutions, such as the Harvard University! But since it is often claimed that the “source” of all things is where the real benefit resides, so grape juice could be a tad bit better than red wine. It’s true that drinking grape juice has resulted in a series of health benefits such as maintaining healthy blood pressure, averting the chances of developing blood clots, and even reducing the chances of breast cancer in women. But when compared to red wine, it’s the crimson spirit that seems to have been walking away with a meteor chunk of health benefits.


Here’s how!


Many researchers, nutritionists and wine experts are of the opinion that red wine is a tad bit better health drink to consume in moderate amounts under the guidance of a physician, owing to the fermentation process that goes into making red wine. This fermentation process brings about changes in the grape juice. The skin of the grape is a rich source for healthy anti-oxidants which gets further activated on the wine making process where fermentation has a great role to play. This is what makes red wine a bit more beneficial than plain grape juice, according to Dr. Antonia Trichopoulou, who is the director of World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Nutrition at the University Of Athens School Of Medicine in Greece.


In addition to that, red wine has the compound Resveratol, which is what, comprises of a world of health benefits and which is also available in grape juice. However, it is a tough job to delineate as to how much of this compound is present in grape juice or a glass of wine. However, if the amount of resveratol is less then it won’t have it positive impacts on the health. That aside, red wine is said to be high in resveratol but then again the concentration varies from different wine types.


On the other hand, grape juice is considered to be very high on sugar content! And hence, if people tend to consume it in increased amounts, it might lead to excess sugar in blood and lead to other unhealthy impacts. Especially, people who are diabetic and people who are in a weight-loss agenda needs to be aware of the calorie they gain by the sugar content they consume. On the other hand, red wine helps to balance the sugar content in the blood and also helps in curbing down the bad cholesterol. Hence, the chances of consuming excess sugar are eliminated, which takes it an advantageous position than grape juice. Having said that, grape juice is great when consumed in moderation.


Sugar is said to bring about ageing and makes the skin appear old more than its real age! Thus, the sugar in grape juice can contribute to ageing when consumed in excess. However, on the other hand a glass or two of red wine consumed on a regular basis is said to bring about the lost glow on your skin, by smoothening the skin and doing away with the stress marks and the fatigue that at times takes away the shine from the skin.


So when it comes to a choice between grape juice and red wine, the latter walks away with more brownie points. However, you can always add in a glass of grape juice on your diet and keep it within proportion to get the best benefits.