Best Imported Indian wine buy online to Add to Your Collection

Posted on Sun May, 2016
Best Imported Indian wine buy online to Add to Your Collection

Best Imported Indian wine buy online to Add to Your Collection

Though the usual norm is that Wine is synonymous to France, Australia and Italy, it is interesting to note that Indian too has some of its hidden treasures in wine. Over the past few years Indian wine has been successfully able to make its prominence felt across the globe! Especially, to the wine drinkers community and arena in USA – Indian wine has been a cherished discovery! And if you are one such connoisseur of wine that wants to delve into Best Imported Indian Wine in USA you can indulge into a wholesome collection. To make the selection easy for you, here are four best Indian wine that you can be a proud possessor of. Here’s about the Best Imported Wines from India

  1. Zampa Soirée Brut Rosé

If you are an art lover of a sparkling wine, you are certain to keep an eye on two qualities. First, the attribute of effervescence and second, the entire wine balance that in turn decides the wine drinking experience. The Zampa Soiree Brut Rose has both these qualities on high counts. That aside, the blush hued wine gets made from the Syrah grape and it comes with a sparkling taste. On the first few sips your palate will have hints of red cherry and strawberry. That aside, there’s a creamy mid-palate that lingers on. Perfect for evening treats and occasional dinners with friends and nobilities, this wine is indeed a treasure to cherish.

  1. Krsma Sangiovese

Being a wine house that would feature in the section of “Boutique winery”, the Krsma Estate in Hampi is known to process and produce elite wines in India. Coming up with high-end wines is something that was a lofty task for Indian wineries. However, this Hyderabad based winery owned by Uma and Krishna Prasad Chigurupati offered the wine lovers with this classy gem back in 2003. Amidst the other categories of the wine that this winery produces, the Sangiovese is one of the most celebrated one. It is especially noted for its wholesome notes of nuts, warm spices and dark chocolate that complement an Italian or Mexican fare excellently.

  1. Myra Reserve Shiraz

This popular wine that is sourced from Nashik is considered to be one of most unassuming and humble wines that have a “Reserve” tag! Speaking of its humbleness this wine is also very reasonably priced and won’t pinch your savings. However, when it comes to the wine drinking experience the Myra version highlights the prominent notes of ripe red fruits. Also it is made even richer and interesting with comfortable amounts of vanilla from the oak that adds to its elegance! If ever you have a delegates meet in your corporate room, trust that this humble wine will be the best choice for a “Wine & Cheese” evening.

  1. Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz

The best comes the last! So brace yourself for this classy treat. Sula’s Dindori has been said to be the very first wine that reflects the regions name. It can also be called a single-vineyard wine. If you are one that has a special love for the Red Wine, then the Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz is your obvious “go to” without a second’s though! This wine ranked 25 amidst the top 100 wines to drink in 2014 done by the Wine Enthusiast magazine that takes it a notch higher in the scale of other best Indian wine . In terms of taste the wine has hints of deep fruit extractions and the finishing has costly oak.  

Source the Best Imported Indain wine buy online

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