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Size: 750 ml
Color: White
Country: United States
Region: California
Varietals: White Blend
Closure Type: Screwtop
Vintage: 2014
ABV: 14.2

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The wine opens up with alluring aromas of freshly peeled mandarin orange, peach nectar, and honeydew melon. Hints of white citrus blossom, marzipan and toasted hazelnut add a nice layer of complexity. On the palette, the wine has a rich creamy entry that is balanced by bright acidity and minerality. These characteristics carry through to the finish with flavors of lime zest and toasted marshmallow.

The Prisoner Wine Company Winery

The Prisoner Founder and Winemaker Dave Phinney’s deep respect for the vineyards is rooted in an early attempt to make a sophisticated wine from a difficult site. Although he was frustrated by a situation that had him using every tool at his disposal and still coming up short, he learned lessons that inform his vineyard selection process now.

"I came away from that experience with the unshakable belief that if you put your emphasis on the vineyard, what follows is much easier," he says. "The vineyard is everything."

Most of Phinney’s time is spent exploring vineyard sites, meeting with growers and selecting the fruit that will be vinified and blended into The Prisoner. His method for vineyard selection includes assessing the site, soil, varietal, grower and provenance, or the history, of the vineyard.

"Sometimes one of these aspects is enough, other times it's a combination of a few of these elements," he says. "With provenance, looks can be deceiving, so you have to trust in the track record of a vineyard as opposed to what you see. Occasionally you step into a vineyard and can't get to your phone fast enough to call the grower and lock up the grapes. Those experiences are one of a kind."

Size: 750 ml
Color: White
ABV: 14.2%
Closure Type: Screwtop
Vintage: 2014
Varietal(s): White Blend
Taste: Inviting aromas of honeysuckle, grilled white peach and apricot
Nose: peach,apple,apricot